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Female dominance or Femdom refers to BDSM sexual acts where the dominant is a female mistress and the submissive is a male slave. High quality femdom porn movies about dominance of women and submission of men.

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Facesitting instead of Dinner

Video DurationVideo Duration: 18:27     Video ViewsViews: 926
Date AddedDate added: 2013-12-27   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Instead of dinner this guy gets his face sat on a dominant bitch. Who uses his face as a smothering stool as she casually rocks back and forth and smokes a cigarette using him as an ashtray while face sitting.

Trampled, Spanked and Fingered

Video DurationVideo Duration: 18:49     Video ViewsViews: 484
Date AddedDate added: 2013-12-16   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Complete femdom humiliation with trampling, spanking and bondage that leads to anal punishment as well from two sexy german mistresses who love walking with high heels on slave flesh.

Babification femdom with pampers and anal play

Video DurationVideo Duration: 11:11     Video ViewsViews: 636
Date AddedDate added: 2013-12-09   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Guy gets his ass powdered and fingered while wearing a gas mask and diapers

Hot Tub Domination

Video DurationVideo Duration: 09:16     Video ViewsViews: 24230
Date AddedDate added: 2013-12-02   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 9/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Two hot ladies get rough with a muscular submissive dude in a hot tub. They do some breath play and make him suck their toes.

Spanking and small penis humiliation

Video DurationVideo Duration: 06:41     Video ViewsViews: 11695
Date AddedDate added: 2013-11-25   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Sexy blond goddess spanks and whips her slaves ass until its bright red. Then she puts him down on all fours and milks his tiny penis while humiliating him.

Femdom CFNM milking

Video DurationVideo Duration: 08:02     Video ViewsViews: 990
Date AddedDate added: 2013-11-18   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Sexy blond milf in hooker boots hadnjob milks her cuffed man in the bedroom.

Spanked and fed his own cum

Video DurationVideo Duration: 08:18     Video ViewsViews: 11047
Date AddedDate added: 2013-11-11   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Gorgeous blond mistress with big boobs punishes her slave outdoors. She spanks his ass and jerks his cock until he cums. She then makes him eat his own cum out of her hands and leads him away on a leash.

Lesbian Femdom Mistresses dominate man

Video DurationVideo Duration: 21:00     Video ViewsViews: 985
Date AddedDate added: 2013-11-05   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Two kinky lesbian mistresses humiliate their slave. They make out in front of him and tease before playing CBT games and making his cock into an ashtray.

Lesbian Mistresses and their male slave

Video DurationVideo Duration: 18:31     Video ViewsViews: 566
Date AddedDate added: 2013-10-28   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 5/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Two hot lesbian dominatrixes with gorgeous big tits humiliate and whip male slave who willingly submits to their authority and punishment.

CBT Femdom

Video DurationVideo Duration: 19:36     Video ViewsViews: 725
Date AddedDate added: 2013-10-21   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Older man gets a full cock and ball torment experience in the femdom dungeon from a leather mistress and her female slave assistant. He also get to share the experience of hot candle wax and a whip with the femdom slave girl.

Angry Mistress

Video DurationVideo Duration: 20:19     Video ViewsViews: 669
Date AddedDate added: 2013-10-14   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Mistress walks in her dungeon to find her male slave and assistant masturbating together. She gets angry and punishes the male submissive with whipping, milking and fingering with assistance of her female understudy. Once male punishment is complete she makes sure to whip her female assistant into submission as well.

Strict Dominatrix

Video DurationVideo Duration: 21:13     Video ViewsViews: 197
Date AddedDate added: 2013-10-06   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 0/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Strict dominatrix uses her female sub to help get her male submissive in shape. She takes a break from him to whip her female slave shape to get her focused on his CBT procedure.

Male Sex Slave

Video DurationVideo Duration: 19:31     Video ViewsViews: 252
Date AddedDate added: 2013-10-06   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 0/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Dominatrix uses her male slave for entertainment and to satisfy her horny female submissive.

Corporal Punishment with two FemDoms

Video DurationVideo Duration: 19:10     Video ViewsViews: 381
Date AddedDate added: 2013-06-14   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 0/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Whipping, spanking and cropping by agressive FemDoms in a dungeon.

Heel worship and CBT for male slave

Video DurationVideo Duration: 19:33     Video ViewsViews: 10328
Date AddedDate added: 2013-04-14   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Male slave gets humiliated and dominated by two sexy German Mistresses who go all out on his cock and balls before making him worship their boots and heels.

CFNM Femdom

Video DurationVideo Duration: 09:18     Video ViewsViews: 895
Date AddedDate added: 2012-12-16   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
CFNM handjob in the kitchen. Sexy blond Chika fondling masked dudes junk in the kitchen. She touches on an plays with his wiener and ass hole.

Femdom Babification and Breast Feeding

Video DurationVideo Duration: 06:54     Video ViewsViews: 1564
Date AddedDate added: 2012-12-09   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Sexy femdom mama changing her male babies diapers and using baby powder. She then layes him down on her lap and feeds him milk with her breasts.

Femdom Spanking

Video DurationVideo Duration: 16:04     Video ViewsViews: 970
Date AddedDate added: 2012-11-26   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Domina and her female assistant spank grovelling male submissive. Then the mistress decides to punish and dominate the female sub as well.

Smothering and High Heel Trampling

Video DurationVideo Duration: 10:00     Video ViewsViews: 982
Date AddedDate added: 2012-11-12   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Sexy blond mistresses walk all over an obedient femdom loving man. They trample him with high heel shoes and smother his face with their sexy butts.

Denial Femdom

Video DurationVideo Duration: 11:40     Video ViewsViews: 811
Date AddedDate added: 2012-11-01   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Two hot blond dominatrixes tease and deny their pathetic male slave. The lead him around on a leash, spank his bottom red then the jerk and beat him into submission.

High heel trampling femdom

Video DurationVideo Duration: 06:43     Video ViewsViews: 896
Date AddedDate added: 2012-10-11   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 9/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Lucky male submissive gets trampled by beautiful femdom goddesses in high heel shoes and boots. He licks and worships the heels that trample him.

Corporal Discipline for msub and fsub

Video DurationVideo Duration: 20:02     Video ViewsViews: 965
Date AddedDate added: 2012-09-30   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Dominatix in leather dress and boots enjoys corporal discipline session with her msub and fsub inside a grimy farm dungeon. Dick hitting, hard whipping and other corporal femdom happens.

Dom sisters punish slave

Video DurationVideo Duration: 13:43     Video ViewsViews: 1113
Date AddedDate added: 2012-09-19   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 9/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Male slave is humiliated and dominated in the CFNM / CBT style by two sisters. Hot women clothed in dominatrix outfits dominate and make fun of their male submissives small penis.

Two sisters dominate man

Video DurationVideo Duration: 17:57     Video ViewsViews: 970
Date AddedDate added: 2012-09-09   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Two beautiful sisters dressed in long boots and short skirts live out their dominatrix fetishes. Their man slave growls at their feet to worship and obey them. They reward him with face-sitting, bondage as well as tease and denial handjobs.

Foot Worship and Riding

Video DurationVideo Duration: 10:46     Video ViewsViews: 1099
Date AddedDate added: 2012-09-06   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 9/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
German Mistress and her female helper get their feet worshiped by her male slave and then rides around on his back. They spank his ass red and lock him down in a cellar as a punishment.

Dominatrix and two slaves

Video DurationVideo Duration: 13:36     Video ViewsViews: 1007
Date AddedDate added: 2012-08-29   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 9/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Hot confident dominatrix plays with a couple of obedient female and male slaves. She loves women and pays special attention to her female submissive while teaching ins and outs of female domination during a candle-wax punishment.

Femdom Anal Punishment

Video DurationVideo Duration: 16:26     Video ViewsViews: 1181
Date AddedDate added: 2012-08-28   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 9/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
Gorgeous mistress plays with her female and male submissives, whipping and spanking them both. She gets her lesbian sub to assist with male slaves anal punishment. Once the strapon dildo is on the femdom anal session begins. She then continues to penetrate her female slave as well.

Femdom Slave Delivery

Video DurationVideo Duration: 16:01     Video ViewsViews: 1037
Date AddedDate added: 2012-08-15   Movie RatingMovie Rating: 10/10
Movie TagsMovie Tags:
German mistress gets a female slave delivered to her house in the trunk of a car. House boy gets called in to get his penis locked in before mistress starts fingering her female slave.

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